The della Q Crew

Owner & Operator
Meet Laura

In 2019 when Della was ready to hang up her handbag, Laura of Jimmy Beans Wool took the reigns and has been the overseer of the organization ever since. She guides creative direction, assists with design, implements new marketing and sales ideas, and is instrumental in making della Q what it is today. 

Designer & General Manager
Meet Shannon

Shannon is the driving force behind della Q. She helps source materials, fabrics, and brings our bag brainstorms to life. Shannon is also the person who typically handles most of our trade shows like Stitches & H+H.

Wholesale Manager
Meet Jenna

If you’re an LYS owner then you most likely have worked with Jenna. She is our wholesale account manager who handles all our wholesale customers and their needs, plus she schedules and runs our Trunk Show program.

Ideas manager
Meet Cassidy

Cassidy is our warehouse wiz and purchasing manager at our sister company, Jimmy Beans. Cassidy is a fountain of great ideas (and the best jokes)! She’s been a maker for over half of her life and has so much inherent knowledge about the crafting world that it comes in handy all the time. 

Brand Manager
Meet Alex

Alex is our marketing maven who makes sure our social media, photography, & overall aesthetic is still true to della Q. If you’ve chatted with us on Instagram or Facebook then you’ve probably talked with Alex.

Technical Manager & Press Relations
Meet Julia

Julia is the brains behind our online presence. She manages the entire backend of our system, writes all of our newsletters, and assists with our marketing efforts. If you’ve shopped on, read a newsletter, or tweeted at us, you know Julia’s work.

della Q Fulfillment
Meet Allison

If you ever ordered from us, then Allison has probably hugged your order! She pulls, packs & ships your della Q bags & cases with the utmost care. Allison also makes sure the retail inventory is good to go and helps Jenna with any of the wholesale orders when needed.