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Maker's Apron

The della Q Maker’s Apron is a must-get this spring season - perfect for crafting, gardening, cooking, and more. Both sizes are meant to fit comfortably loose and can accommodate a range of sizes from 00 to 22. Each apron is hand-crafted with high-quality linen and features wide straps that lay crisscrossed on your back and shoulders.

Function & Form

Made for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and makers, our Lotus | Maker's Canvas Collection features durable and stylish waxed canvas, ethically sourced full grain leather, and antique brass hardware. These versatile bags are designed with makers in mind, so your projects can come with you wherever you go. Each one incorporates special features and accessories like a yarn feeder, yarn cutter, dot journal, darning needle, emergency stitch markers, and more.

Style with Purpose

The Everyday Collection was created for crafters who love organization. Made with canvas fabric sides and PVC Free Polyurethane, making each case sturdy enough to take with you everywhere, every day. Our special cases feature magnetic trays, yarn feeders, and easy snap closures in antique brass, so you never lose track of your notions and accessories.

Oh Snaps - S/M/L | Maroon Stripe (40% Off!)Oh Snaps - S/M/L | Orange Stripe (40% Off!)Oh Snaps - S/M/L | Red Stripe (40% Off!)Oh Snaps - Single | GG OrangeOh Snaps - S/M/L | Black Rainbow

Oh Snap!

Sassy AND Snappy

These project bags come in five sizes and use snap closures to provide a snag-free environment for your yarn, while keeping your projects secure. Our Oh Snaps are ideal for more than making; they are incredible for travel, cosmetics, spare change, and beach days.