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Everyday Collection

Maker's Hat Box

Reminiscent of our Maker’s Train Case, this versatile and stylish case comes with a hard shell exterior, matching Oh Snap bag, and two exterior yarn feeders so you can knit or crochet on the go.

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Maker's Midi Backpack | OliveMaker's Midi Backpack | BlueMaker's Midi Backpack | RedMaker's Midi Backpack | PurpleMaker's Midi Backpack | Orange

Maker's Canvas collection

Maker's Midi Backpack

Inspired by our original Maker’s Backpack, the new Maker's Midi Backpack is not too small and not too big, striking the perfect balance. A great unisex backpack for traveling and crafting on the go.

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Hook & Needle Notebook | PlumHook & Needle Notebook | MaroonHook & Needle Notebook | IndigoHook & Needle Notebook | SageHook & Needle Notebook | Teal

maker's everyday collection

Hook & Needle Notebook

Meet the della Q Hook & Needle Notebook, designed to simplify your knitting and crochet experience. It's an all-in-one organizer that accommodates your hooks, needles, notions, patterns, and more.

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Maker's Mesh Tote | Teal PRE-ORDERMaker's Mesh Tote | BlueMaker's Mesh Tote | RedMaker's Mesh Tote | PurpleMaker's Mesh Tote | Olive

Maker's canvas collection

Maker's Mesh Tote

One part Tote, one part Rucksack, the new Makers Mesh Tote is a larger-sized, fully transparent project bag designed with warmer days of making in mind. Created to be carried in two different ways as a crossbody or shoulder bag, this bag boasts enough interior space to hold 10+ skeins or medium-to-large sized projects.

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Standing Needle Case | Linen SlateStanding Needle Case | Linen PebbleStanding Needle Case | Linen WineStanding Needle Case | Yarn Bombing Fabric PrintStanding Needle Case | Coffee and Yarn Purple Fabric Print

Linen Collection

Standing Needle Case

The Standing Needle Case zips open and unfolds to stand up perfectly by itself on any flat surface, magnets on the back of the flaps secure it open. It has a needle slot pocket that can be removed from the case and a mesh see-through notion pocket.

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