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Maker's Train Case | SageMaker's Train Case | PlumMaker's Train Case | OrangeMaker's Train Case | PetalMaker's Train Case | Indigo

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Maker's Train Case

Made for our wanderlust makers, we’re excited to share our reimagined Train Case.

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Maker's Canvas Satchel | Purple (PREORDER)Maker's Canvas Satchel | Mustard (PREORDER)Maker's Canvas Satchel | Olive (PREORDER)Maker's Canvas Satchel | Red (PREORDER)Maker's Canvas Satchel | Blue (PREORDER)

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Maker's Satchel

Truly a maker’s carryall, the Satchel has been reimagined as a chic doctor’s bag. Comes equipped with a hard case opening & flat solid bottom, keeping your bag propped open for making on the go.

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Maker's Canvas Tote | RedMaker's Canvas Tote | OliveMaker's Canvas Tote | BlueMaker's Canvas Tote | MustardMaker's Canvas Tote | Black

maker's canvas collection

Maker's Canvas Tote

The della Q Maker's Canvas Tote combines a chic design and functional features with enough space to hold your yarn, needles, pattern, and so much more.

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Maker's Circular Needlecase | PlumMaker's Circular Needlecase | OrangeMaker's Circular Needlecase | MaroonMaker's Circular Needlecase | IndigoMaker's Circular Needlecase | Sage

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Maker's Circular Needlecase

Created in our durable canvas with faux leather and brass accents, this carryall needle case conveniently opens up accordion-style to reveal eleven separated pockets for any size circular needles.

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Maker's Canvas Rucksack | Blue (PRE-ORDER)Maker's Canvas Rucksack | Red (PRE-ORDER)Maker's Canvas Rucksack | Mustard (PRE-ORDER)Maker's Canvas Rucksack | Light Grey (PRE-ORDER)Maker's Canvas Rucksack | Olive (PRE-ORDER)

Maker's canvas collection

Maker's Canvas Rucksack

Elevated, sophisticated, and convertible, the new Rucksack from della Q is three bags in one - part Knit Sack, Oh Snap, and Tote.

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