Lotus | Maker's Collection

Maker's Canvas Backpack

Inspired by the classic rucksack, this beauty is available in a sophisticated shade range that complements any maker. Think of this bag as the ultimate carryall for your crafting.

Maker's Canvas Knit Sacks

Ideal for protecting your next work in progress, the della Q Maker's Knit Sack holds your next adventure with ease.

Maker's Mini Messenger

A modern spin on the classic messenger, this chic bag borrows its functionality and versatility from sling backpacks downsized for smaller, more portable projects.

Maker's Mini Zips

Safely store all your crafting accessories in the Mini Zip. It comes complete with a strong zip colsure and magnetic interior.

Maker's Pattern Holder

The Maker's Canvas Pattern Holder is the perfect way to carry your pattern without having to worry about losing it amongst your other important documents. Comes complete with a clear panel and satisfying signature snap closure, making it easy to read and protect your patterns.

Maker's Canvas Portfolio

The Portfolio color coordinates with the same autumnal range of shades as our new line of bags. We heard your feedback and now we’ve included a pattern sleeve window that can stand by itself for optimal viewing while you craft.

Maker's Canvas Roll Top

This design allows you to stuff as much, well, stuff, into it and then roll the top down before securing it with the genuine leather strap

Maker's Canvas Saddlebag

The Saddlebag is a refreshing take on the classic saddle bag, especially designed with makers in mind - a yarn cutter and yarn feeder included.

Maker's Canvas Tote

The Tote brings the adventure with you with enough space to hold your yarn, needles, bits, bobbles, pattern, and so much more.