You Should Visit These Yarn Stores: Here's Why

Nov 21, 2018   |   posted by Della Glein

della Q is proud to share a list of local yarn stores that are carrying the new della Q Boutique Collection. 

This collection can only be purchased at your local yarn store.  No, not on their website.  No, not at Amazon, Etsy, etc.  No, not even at  You have to step away from your computer/phone, get yourself to a yarn store, walk through the door and physically be present.  Why would you ask would you do such a thing?

1.  You want to support the local yarn store.  You don't want Amazon to be the only place in town and wondering why your yarn store closed.

2.  You want the same great della Q designs, just in something a little unique that is hard to find.

3.  You want you to touch, hug and smell something before you buy it.

4.  You want to get inspiration from other knitters.

5.  You might even find something you had never seen before that you can't live without.


What is the Boutique Collection?

The first Boutique Collection we are introducing includes our top selling needle cases and bags in denim fabric.  The needle cases include labels printed on the fabric, rather than our sewn-in labels that you see in our silk collections.  (Side note:  we can't print on our silk).  The needle case closure includes a coconut button and brown string.


What if you can't get to LYS that carries the Collection?

1.  Follow a retailer's Instagram and Facebook pages.  If you see something you like, give them a ring!  They would be more than happy to ship it to you.

2.  Ask a friend, relative or Ravelry buddy to pick one up for you.

3.  Add to your bucket list:  Go to a della Q Boutique Collection Retailer

4.  Encourage the LYS near you to order the Collection.


Enough already!  Here's the list of retailers who carry the collection as of February 2019:

United States

Arizona:  Purl in the Pines

California:  A Yarn Less Raveled, A-Major-Knitwork, Cattywampus Crafts, Knitique, Monarch Knitting, Rumpelstiltskin, Uncommon Threads, Wollhaus

Connecticut:  Westport Yarns

Illinois:  Nina, Sister Arts Studio

Kentucky:  Coffeetree Books

Maryland:  Crazy for Ewe, Knits & Pieces

Michigan:  Knitter's Nest, Wooly & Co.

Minnesota:  Amazing Threads, StevenBe, Yarnology

Missouri:  Castaway Yarns

Nebraska:  ImagiKnit Yarn Shop

Nevada:  Mad Knitter's Yarn

New Jersey:  Yarnia

New York:  Elegant Ewe

Oregon:  Coastal Yarns, Starlight Knitting Society, WoolTown

Pennsylvania:  Kathy's Kreations, Kid Ewe Knot, Loop

South Carolina:  NeedleTree

Tennessee:  Loopville

Texas:  Gauge Knits, Hill Country Weavers

Vermont:  Whipple Tree Yarn Shop

Washington:  Fiber Gallery, Island Wools, Seaside Yarn and Fiber

West Virginia:  Bluefield Yarn Company


Australia, WA:  Knit Purl Yarn Boutique

Iceland:  Storkurinn




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