Why della Q Cotton Print Knitting Bags and Needle Cases Are Limited Edition

Sep 05, 2014   |   posted by Della Glein

I love a good cotton print!  Of course, “good” is in the eye of the beholder.  If you have followed our collections for more than a season, you know that our cotton prints are limited edition.

These are some of my favorite prints we have offered over the last four years:

My bags and cases are hand sewn in Vietnam.  Vietnam produces silks and poly-silks.  When I reorder a style from my supplier, she can easily secure additional silk and poly-silk fabric.  However, all other fabrics are imported as remnants and are sold on a secondary market.  If I want to use a cotton print in my collection, I have to buy these remnants which have limited meters available.  If I buy a certain amount of fabric and I decide in a few weeks that would like additional meters, the fabric will most likely be sold out.

So, I have to predict how much cotton print fabric I will use per style, which styles will require the cotton print and how many pieces I will sell in a particular period of time.  I usually have two cotton prints per season so that you can have more than one choice, but also because I typically can not get enough of one fabric to make it through a season.  Sometimes, I have to select three prints as I can not find enough fabric in just two prints that I like.

The moral of the story?  If you like a particular cotton print, grab all the pieces you can as it will be gone before the next season!  Our latest cotton prints are always listed under “What’s New” at dellaQ.com.

What were some of your favorite cotton prints?



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