Sheep Stitch Markers

Mar 03, 2011   |   posted by Della Glein

One our customers from Michigan sent the della Q crew a gift a couple of weeks ago.  We LOVE gifts!  Who doesn’t?  Thanks Sabine.

First, Lucky received yummy peanut butter dog treats.  Well, I don’t know if they are yummy, but she thinks they are delish.  Mattie steals them from Lucky so I guess she thinks they are delish as well.  The treats were homemade by her husband.  She sent the recipe, but given the overuse of recipes as blog content, I won’t bore you with it.  If you want the recipe, email us.

The best gift?  These totally cute handmade stitch markers. . .

Don’t they make you giggle?  Look again.

See what I mean?  Bobbie is beside herself.  I think she is going to find a knitting project that requires 30 stitch markers just so she can look at them all.

Sabine, the artist, makes each marker by hand.  Each sheep is made with clay and weighed to perfect proportions.  Jewelry wire ensures no marks are left in your knitting.  She calls the collection “Zima’s Little Flock” after her first sheep dog.  Do you want to own the flock?  Better get a flock before Bobbie takes them all.  Get a flock.

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