Seeking home… Nominate your LYS!

Mar 24, 2016   |   posted by Della Glein

Last fall Della made a trip to Vietnam to visit her sewers and to choose fabric for the Spring 2016 line.  While there she spotted this sweet little sheep and knew he had to come back to the United States with her. (The sheep, not the waiter.)  Knowing his final destination should be to live in a yarn shop, she has enjoyed his company for the past several months. Now is the time to let him go to his Forever Home. Here is the best part…You get to help us decide exactly where he will eventually claim as home.

Yes, he has traveled many miles and is ready to settle in and love his new family.

Brick and mortar yarn shops are like finding a precious pearl in a field. They are a place of refuge for the lonely, resources for wonderful fiber and instruction for knitters and crocheters, a meeting place for charity minded artists who wish to share their talents and efforts with people they may not know or may never meet.  Owners often work countless hours to run a small business that mean so much to the folks lucky enough to find them.

For this reason, to honor those places and the people who work and support them we are sharing this wonderful work of art.

It is as simple as going to our Facebook page, tagging your favorite LYS and mention the  city in  which it is located. Each day a new post will be up and ready for your tag. Only one tag per day, please. Don’t be sheepish!  Share this information with all your knitting friends (as well as your LYS), the more people who offer up their favs the better the chances.   It’s a win for the shops who are mentioned too! Before long we will welcome the vacation season and what is better than poking around a new yarn shop upon the recommendation of fellow fiber enthusiast?  We know, not much!

The adopted shop will be announced April 1. (No kidding!) Posts must be dated March 24-March 30.

Have fun with this…and good luck!

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