Naming Your Knitting Bag

Oct 14, 2015   |   posted by Della Glein

I am often asked how I come up with the names for my bags and cases.  Lena was the first bag I named.  She is close to my heart for that very reason.

In addition to naming the bags and cases I name the cotton fabric prints for each season.  BTW – I’m sure the big time designers have a research team and a science to naming their prints and styles.  Me?  Not so much.

How is this for reasoning?  First, name the bag, then name the fabric.  So each bag/case has a name (ok, mostly) and then the fabric that bag comes in also has a name.  Example:  Rosemary is the bag name.  The fabrics names are Purple, Seafoam, Market, etc.  My silk fabrics don’t change so Purple, Seafoam, etc. are pretty straight forward and don’t change. What changes twice per year are the cotton prints such as Market and Lane.

Vintage Girl Names

Who doesn’t love a vintage name?  This is the basis for naming my bags and cases.  Agnes, Nora, Millie, Cleo. . .and so on.  I do try not to have too many names with the same beginning letter.

Seattle and Portland Street Names

I’m a Seattle girl.  I love this city.  My limited edition cotton prints, which change twice per year, are named after Seattle city streets.  Market and Latona (Spring 2015 fabrics) are streets near my home.  My Eden cotton prints, which also change twice per year, are currently based upon Portland street names.  Irving is my favorite print from the current Fall 2015 season.

Washington Hikes and Peaks

My newest bags, Millie and Nora (bag names) come in cotton prints.  I used to be a mountain and rock climber.  Which means at my current age, I am simply a happy hiker.    The Millie is named after Washington mountain peaks (Tonga and Granite) and Nora is named after Washington trails (Beckler and Miller).

I wouldn’t blame you if you were totally confused by now!  If you are, just know that every style and fabric has a corresponding number.

This aside, do you name either your knitting bags or your projects like people name their cars?  Tell me, tell me.

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