Meet Stephanie Dosen and smile…

Feb 18, 2016   |   posted by Della Glein

“Tiny Owl Knits patterns are designed by Stephanie Dosen, an American singer who lives
in the mountains with her unicorn, puffy cat & a hefty yarn stash riddled with gnomes.
The Tiny Owl has lots of nests around the web.”

We caught up with Stephanie last fall and she agreed to take a minute from her busy, quirky, fun-filled life to share some personal stuff.  She makes us smile and think you will enjoy getting to know her a little bit better!

She’s charmed us since introducing the Bee-Keeper’s Quilt and has kept us happy with every design after…

We couldn’t wait to hear her answers to our guest interview questions!

  • What song best describes your knitting?      “She’s a maniac” !
  • Pick two celebrities to be your parents.   Why?    Snow White and Applejack (my little pony). I want to hang out and sing with forest animals, and who doesn’t want a pony?
  • If Della came to your house for dinner, what would you serve?     Lasagne.  (I’m better at making it than I am at spelling it.)
  • Who has had the most influence in your life?       In what way? So many people! But Amy Foster hooked me up in both of my careers. She got me into knitting and helped me get into the music industry. #sograteful
  • You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’ , what skill will you show off? (singing, dancing, magic tricks, etc)     Singin.
  • Mountains or beach?      I live in the mountains.. but I do love a midnight beach under a full moon!
 Thanks Stephanie!  You encourage us to dream bigger dreams and schemes.  We love following you:
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