Knitting Bag with Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Mar 26, 2017   |   posted by Della Glein

The Isabella knitting bag has it all.  Lightweight?  Check.  Zip Closure?  Check.  Pockets?  Check.  Pockets?  Check.  Did I say “pockets”?

Funny thing just happened.  I’m writing this during a bit of down time at Vogue Knitting Live in Red Rock, Nevada.  A lovely woman just walked into my booth and said “I have the Isabella bag and love it!”  How is that for coincidence?  Or is it karma?

I Couldn’t Have Said it Better

I told her I was just writing this post and asked her what she liked most about the bag.  She said “It is large but isn’t bulky.  It is lightweight for those of us who don’t want to carry a heavy bag and it has lots of pockets.”   So there you go.  I couldn’t have said it better.

Mapping the Pockets

Where are all the pockets?  Let’s break it down.

  • Two front pockets with twist closure
  • A pocket on each end
  • A pattern pocket on the back
  • Eight pockets on the inside including a small zip pocket

Travel Buddy

A number of knitter’s have told me they love this bag for travel.  Why?  Reason number 1 – you guessed it – pockets.  Reason number 2 – it fits under an airplane seat without having to tip it on it’s side.  As a side note, one of my retail store owners held a knitting cruise.  Of all the bags brought on the cruise, guess which bag was vote most practical?  Isabella!

Let’s Talk Fabric

Isabella fabrics change twice per year.  To see the most current fabrics, check here.  At the time of this writing I have the following fabrics.

What Knitters Are Saying

Here are some quotes from the reviews:

  • “Well designed knitting bag”
  • “The best looking bag I have ever owned”
  • “Perfect size to manage multiple or large projects”
  • “A lot of compliments from my knitting friends”


Have a question about Isabella?  Email me.

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