Knit Purl Hunter aka Michelle Hunter tells all (well, kinda)

Oct 08, 2015   |   posted by Della Glein

Michelle Hunter, knit teacher, pattern designer and self proclaimed knitting addict shares some personal insights with Della.

If you don’t know her, you simply must check out her huge library of online knitting videos.  Michelle, aka The Knitpurlhunter has guided hundreds of knitters through many online Knit-Alongs.  Her patterns each come with video instructions.  She has done it well, and we appreciate her talents for the knitting community and for taking the time to play-along with us!

Della: What song best describes your knitting?
Michelle: Takin’ Care of Business

Della: Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Why?
Michelle: George Clooney because I would get to look at him across the dinner table and Ellen DeGeneres because she is funny and kind.

Della: If I came to your house for dinner, what would you serve?
Michelle: Stir fry and use knitting needles for chop sticks.

Della: If you were a knitting notion what would you choose to be?
Michelle: a counter.

Della: Who has had the most influence in your life? In what way?
Michelle: In my knitting life it has been Karin Skacel. She shared my vision and brought it to life.

Della: You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’ , what skill will you show off?
Michelle: A stand up comedy routine.

Della: Mountains or beach?
Michelle: Beach, baby! My idea of heaven is knitting on the beach:)

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