Julie Hoover shares some stunning insights!

Nov 20, 2015   |   posted by Della Glein

Just for fun we decided to get the inside scoop from some of your favorite knitting designers and authors.  Fiber artists are open and good sports, as you will see…

We asked a few quirky questions in hopes we might get to know these folks a little better.
Meet Julie:
Julie Hoover, an Ann Arbor Michigan based designer agreed to share a little insight on how she ticks:
Della: What song best describes your knitting?
Julie: This isn’t a well-known song, but I’m going with Bob Schneider’s “Getting Better”… It’s a light-hearted love song, full of optimistic happy lyrics and just a great tune. Every design/project I work on, I get just a little better. (Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7h1ZwC5bpg)
Della: Pick two celebrities to be your parents.  Why did you pick them?
Julie: Assuming this connection could even be made… I’d pick James Taylor for my father (imagine that gorgeous voice singing me to sleep every night) and Gloria Steinem for my mother (I don’t even know where to begin why, she’s just awesome).
 Della: If I came to you home for dinner, what would you serve?
Julie:  Depends on the season, but most likely pasta.  I’ve been smitten with my good friend Karen’s recipe lately: http://familystylefood.com/2015/01/spicy-calabrian-cauliflower-carbonara/
Della: I you were a knitting notion, what would you choose to be?
Julie: Hmm, blocking wires.  They keep everything nice and straight, but they can be flexible too. (I can’t live without them.)
Della: Who has  had the most influence in your life?  In what way?
Julie:  I would have to give that honor to my husband, Eric. He keeps me grounded and is such a solid rock.  Can’t imagine a more wonderful father to my three boys.
Della: You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’, what skill will you show off?
Julie:  Ugh!  You couldn’t drag me onto “America’s Got Talent” alive!
Della: Mountains or Beach?
Julie:  That’s not fair.  Beach (as long as there’s some shade).
Julie’s  59 designs can be seen and purchased on the Ravelry website.  Other than making stylish and modern pieces for both men and women she is a “serious photo taker and gourmet food lover.”
Our thanks to Julie for playing along!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulieHooverDesign
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