How to Get What You Want For the Holidays: Wish Lists

Sep 17, 2014   |   posted by Della Glein

Is your family starting to ask you what you want for the holidays?  Have you started a list?  I have.  Given all of my recent travel I need new luggage tags. I would like those really cool leather ones that are imprinted with my name, etc and will not tear off my suitcase.

Perhaps you are pining for a particular yarn or maybe a della Q bag?  Online wish lists are an easy way to keep your holiday wish list and share with your friends and family.

In addition to allowing you to keep your list of items in one location, wish lists allow you add notes about the items and send the list to friends and family.  Most of the tools are free.  Once you sign up for the wish list you add a button to your browser toolbar (no tech skill set required).  The button allows you to add any item from a web site to your wish list.  Let’s say you are on Jimmy Beans Wool website and you see a particular yarn you must have, you simply click the button on your tool bar and “bam” it is added to your wish list.  Pretty simple.  See my button below:  it says “Add to Wish List”.

Consider signing up for one of these free wish list tools:

Amazon – This is probably the most popular wish list tool  Your items do not have to be on Amazon.  You can add items from any website.  You can also search for other people’s wish lists as long as they have made it public.

Wishpot – allows you to import your Amazon list.  You can scan barcodes to add to your list.

Wishlistr – similar to Wishpot you can import your Amazon list.  It allows you to easily rearrange your items into themes such as birthday, wedding, holiday.

If you use a wish list, tell me which one in the comments below.

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