Double Point and Circular Knitting Needle Storage. All in One.

Sep 20, 2016   |   posted by Della Glein

There is a place for everything some would say.  I would say, “there is a case for every knitting needle.”  You have probably heard me say this before “If you want to store all your needles together. . .go get a suitcase!”  Seriously, why would you want to keep them all together?  If you want a circular needle wouldn’t you just want to look at your circular needles?  In addition, do you really want to bring all your needles with you when you are headed out of the house?  Do you store all your shirts, pants, socks and underwear all in one drawer.  Probably not.

Doesn’t it make sense to store your circular knitting needles separate from your crochet hooks?  Unless you are a new knitter who only has a few needles and hooks, it really does make sense to keep them separate.  As such, I design cases specific to the needle type:  a case for double points, a case for circulars, a case for interchangeables, etc.

I am going to break my own rule.

After talking with so many of you, it does seem as though there is a need to have a knitting needle case that stores a mix of double pointed (DPN) and circular knitting needles.  Our DPN + Circular Needle Case (Style #1136) case allows you to do just that.

The case is a quad fold design and allows for the storage of:

  • one complete set of DPNs US 0 to 10.5 (metric 2 to 6.5) up to 8″ in length
  • four additional sets of DPNs with unlabeled pockets
  • about 50 sets of circular needles in 12 labeled pockets US 3 to 15 (metric 3.25 to 10) and two unlabeled pockets
  • Notions, etc. in two zip pockets

Who should use this case.

If you have mostly circular needles and a few DPNs and want to store them together, this might be a good fit for you.

Who should not use this case.

If you have more than one set of DPNs per size for most sizes, your DPNs will not fit.  Check out our Double Point Needle Roll (Style #158) where you can store TWO sets of DPNs per size.

If you have a TON of circular needles (e.g. more than five or six of every size) or quite a few smaller than US 3 (metric 3.25) you will want to consider one of the following cases dedicated to circular knitting needles:

If you looking to store interchangeable tips and cords, your tips will fall out of the pockets designed for DPNs.  The pockets were designed for five sticks each, not just two sticks.  Check out our Interchangeable Needle Case (#185).

Need a live demo?

What flavors do you say?

Red, Brown, Seafoam, Purple, Ocean and Black silk are part of our core collection and are always available.

The case is also offered in our Natural Collection (with printed labels rather than sewn in labels) and our Esquire Collection.  Both of these collection have a button and string closure rather than the tie.

Want a bit of spice?  Check out the DPN + Circular case in our Limited Edition cotton prints that change each season.

As of September 2016 we have stock of the Columbia, Belmont, Austin and Trenton cotton prints.  Once the stock is sold, that is it!

What are people saying?

In short, knitters love this case and have rated it 4.8 out of 5.0 stars (September 2016).  Yeah!  Here are what your fellow knitters are saying:

“I have been using my needle case for over a year and am very happy with it. It is very helpful to have all my needles in one place, easy to find because of how the interior is organized. I don’t mind leaving my case out because it is so beautiful to look at. I have even been able to ask my husband to check for needles when I am out. He is always able to see what I have. I am very happy with my Della Q purchase. Well worth the money spent.” Knitter in Saratoga Springs, NY

“For a long time I was looking for a way to store all my circular and double pointed needles – everything I had tried wasn’t working – then I found this case and it was perfect.”  Knitter in San Diego, CA

“I can’t say enough about this product. It arrived exactly as pictured & described on the website. Quality is great – durable and beautiful fabrics and stitching is clean. It is exactly what I was looking for to store a good # of my dpns & circulars.”  Knitter in Winefield, IN

Your needles are ready when you are.

Jump into your next project quicker by organizing your needles in a della Q needle case.

  • Labeled Pockets – Know what needles you have and what you don’t.  Save money buy not buying extra sets of needles.
  • US and Metric Sizing – Easily convert patterns or use the sizing system you are most comfortable.
  • Neat, Secure, Precise Stitching and Finishing – Know you won’t have to replace your case anytime soon and that is looks professionally made, because it is!
  • Secure Flaps and Ties – Don’t lose your needles.
  • Nearly 20 Storage Options – Find the right case for your specific needle storage need.
  • Nine Different Fabric and Color Options – Pick the fabric that speaks to you in silks, cottons, bright or muted colors.  Coordinate or mix and match.
  • A Portion of Your Purchase Helps Low-Income Women – Feel good that you are helping low-income Vietnamese woman train in the art of quilting as a means to a steady income.

Don’t delay your next project because you can’t find your needles or the right size, or all five of your DPNs . . .

Get your DPN + Circular Needle Case now > > >

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