della Q Spring 2016 Collection

Feb 03, 2016   |   posted by Della Glein

For those familiar with della Q, you know that this is the time that you can pre-order the new Spring collection.  Twice per year, I introduce two new cotton prints that are offered in my most popular cases to store your knitting needles and bags for your knitting storage.

Austin is one of our two cotton prints for the season.  It is PURPLE.  Right, I know, on some screens it looks blue.  Get over it.  It is PURPLE.  First, you will love it because it is PURPLE and second, do you see the cool yarn like print?  Yep, two for one.  Knitters love yarn and purple.

Trenton is our second cotton print.  Not, second because of popularity, but because I found it after Austin.  This is more my style; a bit more modern.  Turquoise with brown and orange (love or hate it as you will) bead like print.  If you are FB friend you will remember you helped me decide on the coordinating turquoise fabric.

Ok – so here’s the deal.  My mobile site SUCKS.  Blame my website vendor.  Or blame me because I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars or time to change to another vendor.  The mobile site doesn’t allow you to see the different images when you change the fabric choice.  If you really want to see the choices, go to the old fashioned computer and not your phone or tablet.  Alternatively, here is the short cut:

Austin = Purple

Trenton = Turquoise + Brown/Orange

Ships in March.  Which is your favorite:  Austin or Trenton?

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