della Q Natural Collection: Knitting Needle Cases

Aug 19, 2014   |   posted by Della Glein

There is something about a vintage look that I love.  Maybe it reminds me of my grandmother and her kitchen.  Whatever the reason, I wanted to develop something that was a bit more simple than the signature della Q collection in it’s vibrant colors.

I started with un-dyed cotton.  In addition, I wanted to find a closure that was less feminine than my standard tie closure.  Thanks to Takako at Habu Textiles, she suggested the button and string.  Do you remember when your interoffice mail came in those brown envelopes with a red button and string closure?  What a fantastic idea!  Somehow it seems more fun to wrap a string around a button than tie a bow.

When I was sharing my thoughts about the proposed new collection with Franklin Habit, he suggested the pop of color for the button.  Again, another great suggestion from an industry leader.

The next important item I wanted to tackle was the size labels.  I wanted an option different than the sewn in size tags.  I emailed my supplier to see if she could print directly on the fabric.  The answer was “yes!”  I was thrilled.  I enjoyed finding a vintage typewriter font while eating my lunch one day.  (I often do my Google research projects while eating lunch.)

One would think that printing the labels on the fabric would be easier than sewing each individual label.  Apparently, not.  The sewing process becomes more complicated as the fabric needs to be cut into it’s components for each style, then the piece requiring the printing is sent out to the printer.  Once the printing is complete, then the components are reassembled and sewn.  Hence, the Natural Collection needle cases are more expensive than my signature needle cases.

As of today, the collection includes the following cases:

Tri-Fold Circular Needle Case

Double Point Roll

Interchangeable Case

Double Interchangeable Case

DPN and Circular Case

Tell me what you think. . .should I add to the collection?


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