della Q and Vietnam 2015 – Part 2della Q and Vietnam 2015 – Part 2

Sep 20, 2015   |   posted by Della Glein


The early part of September took me to Vietnam to visit with my supplier, reconnect with my team of sewers and research what to bring you for Spring 2016.  This post includes my last two days of my trip.  You can read about the first three days here.

Day 4:  Bed of Sheep and a Proper Hair Wash

After a quick lunch meeting with my hang tag printer, I set out to make some final fabric decisions.  I had a ton of fabric swatches from the previous days and need to decide what I thought you would like for the cotton needle cases such as our DPN and Circular Case as well as our bags including the Nora Wrist Bag,  the Eden drawstring bags and the WillaBag.

I found a cool tea house that served banana smoothies and got down to work.

The totally fun part of this tea house was the bed of sheep!


Guess who brought one home?  Yep, I couldn’t resist it and will be giving it away in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Once my work was done, I set out for a proper Vietnamese Hair Wash.  Honestly, I don’t know why we don’t have this in the US.  Maybe your city has one, Seattle certainly doesn’t.

Think one and half hours of having your head massaged, your hair stroked strand by strand, a neck, shoulder, arm and foot massage. . .all while you are laying in this comfy “bed”.  So awesome, right?  Oh, yes!  Oh, it’s only $26 USD.

Day 5:  The Ones That Matter

This was one of those days that warms your heart.  Ms. Lien, Mr. Nghia and I headed out to the workshop where all the magic happens.  We drove to a small town about an hour outside HCMC to visit the fabulous ladies who sew all the della Q products!  I was so excited to see them again as well as watch their amazing talents.

della Q products are sewn by six women, some of them family.  They work in a small house in a poor community.  They are often the sole support for their family as many of their husbands do not work (don’t get me started!).  Because they work in a house, they are able to have their younger children with them while they work.

I am so thankful for this team of ladies!

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