5 Crazy Experiences from an LYS Employee

Oct 25, 2018   |   posted by Della Glein

We asked one of our friends who works for an LYS to share a few of her crazy and interesting experiences while working at the store.  We couldn't believe some of them!  Read to her what she had to say.



Try Before You Buy

After assisting a client for a little over half an hour, she turns to me and asks if she could try on some of the samples.  I said “sure, of course!” Five samples later, she then asks, “would it be possible to take a couple of these home to see if they would match some of my outfits?”  Really? That’s basically stealing, right?


Excuse Me, Miss

As I was unboxing and checking in a shipment of della Q needle cases at the checkout stand, a customer came up to the counter and asked if I worked there.  I couldn’t hold back my chuckle.


Do You Have Any…

Me: “Welcome!  How may I help you today?”

Client: “Wow, such a beautiful shop.  I’m looking for some cotton yarn for my husband.”

M: “Wonderful.   What type of pattern or project is this for?  Does he knit or crochet?”

C: “Oh no dear, we don’t do either.”

M: “Oh okay, so what exactly do you need again?”

C: “I’m looking for real fine white cotton yarn.  He loves to floss with it.”

M: “....”

Fancy Kitty

I once had a client come in shopping for cashmere yarn. I asked her what project she was working on.  She said she was wanting to knit her kitten a sweater. To each their own I thought and so I continued to show her what we had. She was quite disappointed that we didn’t have the “right” cashmere for her kitten and promptly left the store.


A Yarn Store?

I’ve had some locals (who have lived in this very small town forever) come into the shop and act completely surprised that there is a yarn shop right in their own backyard!  They then proceed to look at me and wonder how someone my age (28)  even knows about knitting. Then they proceed to tell me stories about their grandmother knitting. Ha!

Do you have any similar experiences or stories?  Share them in the comments!

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