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Oct 28, 2015   |   posted by Della Glein

Cathy Carron is one busy lady! We caught her this spring just as she and fellow designer  Carolyn Noyes launched a news knit web site called  If you haven’t signed up, do it today!!  It’s awesome!  You will want to  see their insta-site yet too =‘knitcliks’. It’s really quite amazing.  Knitting permeates the world!

Cathy’s design work is also regularly published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit Simple, Knit.1, Knitscene and the online magazine, Twist Collective.

She is the author of the popular One Skein Wonders: Designers, One Skein Wonder: Luxury Yarns, Cowlgirls along with many others.  Cathy’s  patterns are available on the Ravelry website.

Cathy has earned her way into the ever growing list of accomplished and talented designers.  We are  happy to share a bit of personal insight and think you will appreciate her candor and quick wit.

So here’s what we asked her ~

1. What song best describes your knitting?

Don’t Worry – Be Happy

2. Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Why?

Judi Dench – she’s creative, funny, smart, has warm sparkly
eyes & is feisty and her own woman.
Clint Eastwood – he’s no-nonsense, smart, creative, quiet
(a-man-of-few-words-but-they-mean something when said!)

3. If Della came to your house for dinner, what would you serve?

First, I’d ask Della what she can’t or doesn’t want to eat. Then I’d plan around that…in summer, grilled vegetables & fish or chicken & salad with a fruit pie (or fresh fruit with a wine reduction poured over – my fav) for dessert; during the winter, beef stew, biscuits & salad OR grilled black cod, mashed potatoes & spinach – some of my own favorite meals. I am a simple cook…my husband is the master ! (I do the baking).

4. If I was a knitting notion I would choose to be:

knitting notion: a tape measure – ‘like getting gauge right!

5.  Who has had the most influence in your life? In what way?

This would be like “splitting a child” for me….so I am going to punt and pick two: my mother – I could write a book! She’s taught me persistence, the importance of working hard, the love of education and to continually educate oneself. She’s a remarkable person who has not had the easiest life, lots of pain, lots of loss – but she continues to live the most positive and active life even @ 87 years this year. And equally, my husband! We are very, very different people – after 30 years I still sometimes wonder how we ever got together and remained together quite amicably (with two daughters to show for it!). He’s very quiet, very smart, with a sly sense of humor and an immense capacity for work of all kinds. By observing him, I have learned to be (somewhat) more patient, to pre-think & pre-plan, not to jump-the-gun, etc; to be calmer, to be a better listener. He’s my rock.

6. You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’ , what skill will you show off? (singing, dancing, magic tricks, etc)

If I could, I’d sing!….”Climb Every Mountain”…..

7. Mountains or beach?

Mountains – love the majesty…riding through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina years ago above the clouds, felt like heaven…I also enjoy living in the Litchfield Hills in Northwest, CT….

It’s been fun!  Thanks for joining the conversation.

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