Annie Modesitt ~ teaches us more than knitting

Dec 03, 2016   |   posted by Della Glein

Who is Annie Modesitt?  Glad you asked.  Annie knits for a living. She has a blog. She writes about knitting. Annie teaches classes both online and in person. She is a partner at Modeknit Yarn. She has a wonderful sense of humor! She tells “I knit weird and people pay to see me do it.”  (How cool is that?) Designer, dyer and writer, just a glimpse into the world according to Annie!

Della: What song best describes your knitting?

Annie: Groovin’

Della: Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Why?

Annie: Wait, my parents WEREN’T celebrities? That’s not what THEY told me.
I guess I’d pick Brad & Angelina, I could just get lost in the crowd…

Della: If I  came to your house for dinner, what would you serve?

Annie: What do you  like? I’d probably make a simple salmon dish with rice and veg so we could spend time talking and knitting and not worrying about the dinner.

Della: If you were a knitting notion what  would you  choose to be?

Annie: I would be a stitch marker. I love them, I think they’re just about the most useful notions, and can be rather plain, or very dressed up. So I’d be a notion with options!

Della: Who has had the most influence in your life? In what way?

Annie: My husband. He’s the kindest person I’ve ever known, he’s funny and very intelligent and I’m the luckiest person in the world for having found him. (He heard me on the radio and wrote a letter to the show’s producer, who forwarded it to me, and after a few dates we were living together, then engaged, then married 9 months to the day after he heard me on the radio…)

Gerry’s made me a kinder and more thoughtful person. Wondering, “How would Gerry react to this thing I’m doing…?” has encouraged me to make better choices at times. I like to think I’ve had a similar effect on him, but you’d have to ask him. He’s certainly made me a happier person, a stronger and more patient person. Or maybe it’s the kids who’ve done that last…

(Della smiles)

Della: You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’ , what skill will you show off?  (singing, dancing, magic tricks, etc)

Annie: I would sing Big Band favorites. My secret desire is to be a jazz singer.

Della: Mountains or beach?

Annie: Mountains, every time. Or just a beautiful wooded lake. I burn like paper, so a beach is no good for me (except after sundown, for walks…)          Facebook          YouTube            Ravelry

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