250 lbs, Granola Bars, Lights and Checklists. della Q Prepares for Knitting Events and Festivals.

May 11, 2016   |   posted by Della Glein

Have you been to a knitting event such as VK Live or Stitches?  Do you sometimes wonder how it all comes together?  If not, close this post and go do a few rows on your current knitting project. Otherwise, I thought I would share a behind the scenes look at how della Q prepared for VK Live Pasadena which is this coming weekend.

The first must have is a check list! This is the one I created.

Before I start packing, though, I need to make sure I order electricity and tables from the decorator.  I make a note on my calendar to be sure I order in advance so that I can get a bit of a discount.  BTW – how much do you think it is to rent a table for three or four days?  You’ll never guess.  It is generally between $150 and $200 per table!  No, it doesn’t have gold on it.  No, it doesn’t set itself up.  Yep, I can buy one for less than that!  But, then I would have to ship it.  Or, rent a car and make a trip to Ikea and then pay for parking to park the car at the hotel.  These decorators know they have you hostage!

Ok, now that I have my electricity and tables ordered, I need to make sure I have room in the studio to sort and pack.  Here is Lucky ensuring the space is clear.

I start by packing my lights, display materials (generally collapsable cubes, back drapes), signs, etc.  I can’t forget the granola bars!  Since I am usually the only one in the booth, I sometimes don’t get lunch.

Once I have done that, I start pulling stock.  This is the fun part!  I try to do my best to figure what customers will want.  I can’t bring everything.  Nor can I bring 50 pieces in every color.  It is a guess sometimes.  I hope I am bringing the right things for this weekend!

Now, I have to make it all fit into my shipping boxes.  Packing, packing . . .

Sometimes I have to move things around a bit as my cartons can’t weigh more than 60 lbs or UPS will charge extra.  Depending upon the show, sometimes the decorator won’t allow my cartons to weigh more than 50 lbs.  So I weigh each box to make sure I’m under the appropriate limit.  The boxes are HEAVY!  BTW – I make sure I don’t wear a dress or flip flops on packing day.  I wouldn’t want to drop one of these boxes on my toes.

Before I tape the boxes closed, I double check my list.

Looking good.  250 lbs all ready to go to Pasadena!

Will I get to see you in Pasadena?

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